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Our story begins with a father who, each night, told his children stories about two brothers, Erbert & Gerbert. The fictional brothers traveled throughout the universe learning lessons about history, science, math, and most important, being a good person. One of those children grew up and opened a Sandwich Shop he called “Erbert & Gerbert’s,” naming each one of his gourmet sandwich creations after a character or story from his childhood.
Our Story
What about fees and royalties? Our franchise fee is $30,000. Royalties are 6% of net adjusted sales (advertising fund is an additional 2%).
How much does it cost to open a shop? A typical range is $190,000 to $395,000. Cost is dependent on factors like the condition of the facility, previous tenant, size, model, construction costs, landlord, etc.
How much does it cost to open a shop? A typical range is $190,000 to $395,000. Cost is dependent on factors like the condition of the facility, previous tenant, size, model, construction costs, landlord, etc.
Is financing available? We do not offer financing in-house. However, Erbert & Gerbert’s is on the Small Business Administration (SBA) approval list and we assist in the process by directing you to SBA lenders in your area.
Now what?How do I hire? How do I train? Where do I get food? Where do I get equipment?
How long does it take to open a shop? About 4 months. Once your Franchise Agreement is executed and a lease is signed, it typically takes 120 days to open, depending on factors such as bid process, construction time, design and layout decisions, permit acquisition, etc.
Is financing available?
What are my ongoing costs? Ongoing costs include food/paper, operational, and fixed costs. Our top one-third of stores have food costs below 26%, which is far below industry averages. E&G offers support in all areas to help you achieve the lowest ongoing costs possible.
How much does it cost to open a shop?
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Now what?!...How do I hire?...How do I train?...Where do I get food and equipment?... Don’t worry, E&G is not that complicated. We’ve already done the work for you!  You are investing with an experienced, branded franchise who will provide the training, systems, and procedures to ensure your store’s success!
What are my ongoing costs?
What about royalties and fees?
How long does it take to open a shop?
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What experience is needed? Attitude determines your altitude in life and in Franchising as well. You need a willingness to work hard, some business acumen and you have to enjoy working with people.
What market characteristicsare necessary? E&G markets are College, Central Business District, Skyway and Drive-Thru. We thrive in markets with one or more key characteristics such as strong daytime employment, campus communities, rental housing and good traffic with easy access and clear visibility.
What You Will Need
Market Characteristics
What is needed financially? Net worth of $300,000, liquid assets of only $60,000 and good credit gets you open in most markets. For information about financing please visit our FAQ.
Market Character
New Store Opening Team E&G’s New Store Opening team provides construction expertise to assist you in build-out aspects such as installation, permits, and code requirements.
Your success starts with selecting the right location for your Erbert & Gerbert’s.  Our Real Estate Analysis provides expert advice and criteria to find the best site in your market.  E&G is looking for sites that fill the following requirements: Trade Area Requirements College/Nightlife market focusDaytime employment population greater than 6,000 within a 1 mile radius and greater than 10,000 within a two mile radius.Residential population greater than 20,000 within a two mile radiusMedian income greater than $40,000Lunch time traffic counts greater than 5,000 vehicles from 11am until 2pmSite Requirements College/Nightlife market focus950-1,800 square feet preferred with a minimum frontage space of 20-25 square feet.Spaces with high visibility or end caps in retail centers, inlines, or with drive-thrusDrive-up parking preferred with maximum parking spots allowed per code400 amp, three phase four wire 120/208v electrical serviceOne ton HVAC per 200 square feet (southern climate) or 300 square feet (northern climate).
Real Estate
Supply Chain
Managing Your Supplies Erbert & Gerbert’s dedicated Supply Chain Management systems exists to provide the highest quality product, in an affordable and efficient manner.  We are continually reviewing products so that we have the research and development to stay relevant and current in food trends that will keep your guests coming back.
Building Your Business We provide marketing support through various ongoing advertisements, promotions, and programs.  In addition, we give you the tools to tailor these efforts to your specific market and location, helping your E&G to build its local presence and become a strong member of your community.
Success for the Day to Day Each E&G will have a dedicated Franchise Business Consultant (FBC) that will provide ongoing training, development, and assistance for the daily operation of your shop.  The FBC also observes compliance with company standards, procedures, and systems to ensure an excellent guest experience.
Training to Succeed We provide training to cover every aspect of your shop. This includes food prep, guest service, staff relations, business management - basically everything you need to open an E&G.
Finding YOUR site! Starting early (Stage 4), we lead site selection to help you find a great location in your market - and, you’re involved every step of the way.  Together, we’ll consider costs vs. visibility, access and the marketplace, but most importantly, we work with your attorney to negotiate the very best lease terms important to you and your business over the long term.
Open Store!
Discovery Day
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Open Your Store! Once your site is selected and approved, it's time to execute your lease and build your Erbert & Gerbert’s restaurant!Erbert & Gerbert’s has a comprehensive New Store Opening (NSO) blueprint that details every step of the process with team responsibilities assigned.  You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself!
Let's talk! Learn about each other. Your business and personal goals, aspirations, interests, values, etc. Who is Erbert & Gerbert’s? - History - FlavorNation - Unique Identity - Values Discuss financial obligations, costs, qualifications and overall opportunity.
Our ProcessSteps to Opening an E&G
Market Fit
Submit an Application! Submit our Confidential Franchise Application and receive our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to review.
Find Right Site
Location, Location, Location! Start working with us right away to learn about successful characteristics in your market and find a great location to maximize your local opportunities. Your vision with Erbert & Gerbert’s should begin with the right place so we start the site selection process early with our expert staff and proprietary resources.
Discover it all! Prospective franchisees are invited to attend a day of discovery at our corporate office in Eau Claire, WI where you will meet our executive staff, learn the history of the brand and get more insights on how we promote and build the brand together. During this day, all your questions will be answered.
Request Info! Complete the form on the right and you will be emailed information on the E&G opportunity.
Franchise Agreement! Once you’ve decided to open a store and have been approved by the E&G Management team, it's time to review and execute your franchise agreement for your exclusive territory rights.