The Apollo Sandwich

April 9, 2012
Conquer your cravings with this Olympian Sandwich loaded with Chicken Breast and Cherrywood Smoked Bacon with Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato, Hellmann’s® Mayo and our Heroic Chipotle Citrus BBQ Sauce.
But as we all know by now, no Erbert and Gerbert’s sandwich is complete without an exciting story behind it.  This is the exciting story of Apollo:

During a trip back to ancient Greece, Halleys Comet dropped Erbert and Gerbert off for a visit to Delphi. There they met Apollo, one of the twelve Olympian Deities. “What’s up?” asked Erbert, disarming the oracular god with his boyish curiosity. 
    “Well, I have just slain the Python, a dragon who lived here to protect the navel of the Earth,” Apollo explained.
    “I would have been chicken to fight a giant dragon serpent-creature…thing,” said Gerbert, timidly. “How did you beat him?” 
    Apollo chuckled and answered, “As the god of archery, I relied upon the sting of my arrow to wound the beast. But I’m pretty sure I finished him with a good swift kick.” 
    “Sweet, with a kick?!” exclaimed Erbert, in awe.

    Seeing that Apollo was clearly hungry from his battle, the boys scrambled to assemble a sandwich worthy of their new friend. After thinking for a few moments, Erbert and Gerbert looked at each other, smiled and said in unison, “Sweet. With a kick.” And the Apollo sandwich was born.