Food Trucks: Not Just in Downtown Anymore

June 27, 2014

Food trucks have been mainstays in large cities for a long time, but they are beginning to find popularity on college campuses as well.  That’s not to say traditional food courts and dining halls are going anywhere, but as many quick-service restaurants open up convieniently close to colleges and universities, dining Directors are having a hard time keeping students on campus.  Food trucks are one way of combating the issue.

Depending on the layout of your campus, the location of your main food court may not be easily accessible in relation to classrooms, administrative buildings, or other facilities.  Perhaps traffic is only heavy around your main food court for one part of the day.  A food truck or portable structure helps in instances like this because you can simply set-up in high-traffic or convenient areas.  Instead of trying to drive students to a food court, your now driving it to them!

Food trucks are….well, portable!  This allows you to hit different areas on your campus.  Position your food truck near classrooms during the day part, then travel to athletic or fitness buildings during the evening part.  What about game day?…you can set up just outside the stadium, catching that business as well.  Also, food trucks are a quick addition to your dining program.  There is no construction, just outfitting the vehicle, so its something you can implement in a short amount of time.  You may find an entirely new revenue stream with a food truck!

Erbert & Gerbert’s offers a couple of portable structures and paired with our flavorful sandwiches this is an easy and quick way to keep dining dollars on campus.  Email for more information.