What Is Your Campus Sandwich?

April 27, 2015

This spring, the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater took advantage of a special program that Erbert & Gerbert's offers all its higher education Bistros; The Campus Sandwich Builder.

The program is designed to allow school input to create a sandwich that is unique to the campus.  Students submit their sandwich creations via the “Sandwich Builder” web application in a contest format.  This web app is part of a program E&G developed that allows participants to create their own sandwich in real-time.  Its fun, its interactive, and it gets people involved!  Aj Dumas, E&G Corporate IT Manager, explains how the app works, “The school has the ability to work with the E&G Operations department to set up their own parameters, such as how many/which meats or sauces can be used for a single recipe submission.  In this way, operational costs and feasibility requirements are taken into account, making the process easy and streamlined for the students and providing a realistic result for the school.  What is really cool about the app is that it uses an interactive visual method, which allows users to literally build and see the sandwich result by selecting pictures, as opposed to simply picking texts from some list.”

In the case of Whitewater, a ham and bacon sandwich, topped with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and dijon mustard won and was dubbed the “Purple Hawk.”  Other schools that have participated in this program include the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire (The Blugold Sandwich)  and Creighton University (The Bluejay).

E&G strives to be more than just another brand on campus, we want to uniquely support each of our colleges and universities because that is truly the spirit of our brand.  Erbert & Gerbert's was born out of creativity, out of stories, and we want to reflect back that we can provide more than just a great sandwich…we can provide an experience that unites a campus.  

What would your campus sandwich look like?  Click here to check out our Sandwich Builder Test Site and see how the app works!