Grab ‘n Go Now Available

September 22, 2015

This summer saw the launch of Erbert & Gerbert's grab 'n go program, EasyGo.  The program was created in response to a changing campus dining landscape and increased need for pre-made items.

Erbert & Gerbert's developed a line of sandwiches and salads that are fresh, hold well, and are attractively packaged; three critical ingredients for this type of offering.  Our branded cooler is designed to hold not only our sandwiches and salads, but other deli offerings (such as chips and cookies) as well so that the customer can get an entire meal quick and conveniently.  The branded cooler is designed to draw the customer in and fits neatly in only 20 square feet.

While the branded cooler is the most beneficial route, E&G also developed an approval process for considering existing coolers.  Erbert & Gerbert's assesses the type of cooler and how it will hold our product.  Acceptable coolers would include anything that is upright, 38″ – 40″ in length, with many shelf or exterior branding opportunities.  Coolers that fit this description, provide the best visual opportunities and grab 'n go is definitely a visual industry!  The decision to purchase is almost entirely based on what the customer sees and finds aesthetically pleasing.

The University of Tennessee – Health Science Center was the first school to implement our grab 'n go option, however many other schools are considering the addition of EasyGo in an effort to supplement sales in different areas of campus.  More to come as the program continues to develop.



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