Campuses Announce Sandwich Builder Results

November 9, 2015

Many Erbert & Gerbert’s campus locations elected to take part in our Sandwich Builder this fall.  The Sandwich Builder is a unique marketing program, designed not only for advertisement, but to give colleges and universities a chance to really unite the brand with the students.

The program allows students to virtually create thier own sandwich, via the Erbert & Gerbert’s Sandwich Builder Site.  Submissions are judged by criteria set by the school and voted on by the students themselves.  Its fun, its interactive, and its gets students involved!

Erbert & Gerbert’s Project Manager Ashley Albrecht, gave us an update on those participating in the program this fall.  “South Dakota State University and Indiana University have selected and named their Campus Sandwiches; the “Jackstack” and the “Big Hoosier” respectively.  Wichita State will be determining their Campus Sandwich in a few short weeks and the University of Minnesota just started their program this week!”

Check out SDSU’s “Jackstack” and IU’s “Big Hoosier” below!  What would your campus sandwich be?

15y1102_SDSU_CampusSandwichMagnet_edt2 copy.png


15y1103_IU_9x5_CampusSandwichMagnet_60_edt copy.png