Allergen Information

June 26, 2017

Our menu and recipes change from time to time. If you have an allergy concern, please ask a manager at your location to check the ingredient listing for specific menu items or visit for details. 


Our stores contain gluten and while steps have been taken to prevent cross-contamination, please note that we cannot guarantee that any of our menu items are free of allergens because we use shared equipment and handle common allergens throughout our supply chain and sandwich shop.

** Please note that as of 11/10/2017 our Chicken Wild Rice Soup is temporarily not gluten-friendly due to a product shortage.  We are expecting a new shipment shortly.


We have several products that contain peanuts/tree nuts or have been manufactured on equipment that also processes products containing peanut/tree nuts.  Please consider your dietary restrictions when consuming these products or entering one of our sandwich shops, as some of these allergens may be airborne.

A detailed ingredient listing can be viewed here:

Please order with caution and let a staff member know if someone in your party has a food allergy.


4 thoughts on “Allergen Information”

  1. Olivia says:

    Hey! I’m a bit confused. I only recently learned that you offer GF bread for your sandwiches (I have Celiac Disease.). I see this post from 2012 ( about you making “safer” sandwiches for those who have a cross-contamination concern. This is amazing and almost unheard of in sandwich shops. But, on your most recent allergy postings, it sounds like that’s no longer the case? Even if I were to order one of the three listed sandwiches (in the 2012 post), it’s most likely not going to be safe for me, correct?

    1. Elissa A says:

      Thank you for reaching out Olivia – we have submitted your comments and someone will reach out to you directly via email to address your allergy concerns!

  2. Robyn says:

    I just went and got a gluten free sub in Oshkosh and noticed the bread is different! It’s so good!! Would you be able to let me know where you get it from or who makes it?

  3. Samantha says:

    I just got a sandwich tonight (Cloquet, MN) and noticed the bread is different, too! It IS good. The improved flavor actually made me a little nervous at first. I would also like to know what changed!

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